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Best Night Guard For Teeth Clenching

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CustMbite: Best Night Guard For Teeth Clenching

CustMbite is the best night guard for teeth clenching, offering superior comfort and protection that may help to minimize damage to your teeth and jaw. We understand that the key to having a good day starts with your sleep quality, which is why we've designed our nightguards to feel comfortable for extended periods of time. If you grind and clench your teeth in your sleep, you're one of the many people struggling with a condition known as bruxism. Symptoms of this condition are usually headaches and a sore jaw, but if left untreated, you could damage or break your teeth. A night guard for clenching from CustMbite may help protect your teeth for a fraction of the cost of a nightguard you'd purchase from an orthodontist. Read on to learn why so many customers believe CustMbite makes the best night guard for clenching.

Why do I need a mouthguard for clenching?

If you're clenching your teeth while you sleep, you'll likely wake up to unpleasant headaches or earaches. Your jaw might be sore, your facial muscles strained, and your teeth could feel extra sensitive. If this isn't enough to motivate you to start sleeping with a custom night guard, consider this: bruxism can crack, loosen, and wear down your teeth. Not only can this lead to your teeth becoming more sensitive to temperature and pressure, but it can also lead to expensive dental procedures. Sleeping with one of the best night guards for clenching, like the ones offered by CustMbite, may help to minimize the damage caused by clenching and grinding your teeth.

People clench their jaw for a number of reasons while sleeping. Some people clench when they're under a lot of stress or experiencing high levels of anxiety. Others may do it due to an abnormal bite that causes their upper and bottle rows of teeth to collide. We understand the importance of strong, healthy teeth, which is why we've made the best sleep guard for clenching. Its comfortable, low-profile fit means it sits naturally in your mouth. Providing a near-custom fit, this protective mouthpiece is the best nightguard for braces. It's easy to create a comfortable fit around your brackets and wires.

CustMbite's nighttime mouthguards are comfortable to wear and easy to clean

Comfort is important when shopping around for a custom-fitted mouthguard for clenching. If you're wearing a mouthpiece that's bulky and feels foreign in your mouth, you're less likely to get the quality sleep your body needs. CustMbite guards are made from a patented material known as Vistamaxx, which is designed to enhance comfort while offering protection against clenching and grinding. This design also makes it easier for you to talk, breathe, and drink water without constantly adjusting your mouthpiece, so you don't have to constantly adjust it while you're getting ready for bed.

Along with its low-profile design, CustMbite's night guards are easy to mold and can contour around your teeth creating a secure fit. Molding the mouthpiece to fit your teeth is a quick and easy process, which involves you microwaving the guard for just 30 seconds. This simplicity is one of the reasons why many people choose CustMbite guards when shopping for the best night guard for clenching. If you ever need to re-adjust your guard, you can use the same process to create a fresh impression of your teeth.

This simple refitting process also makes CustMbite the best orthodontic sleep guard for braces. It's especially helpful if you're wearing corrective orthodontic gear and need to modify your night guard as your teeth continue to shift. If you're searching for the best night guard for clenching for braces, CustMbite's guard might be your best bet for comfort and protection.

CustMbite is praised for being one of the best night guards for clenching because of its easy cleaning process. Some night guards need to be cleaned with a special soaking solution, which can be a lengthy process lasting one or more hours. Our guard can be quickly scrubbed with a toothbrush or washed in your dishwasher. Our fitting material is designed to prevent germs from being absorbed into the product, which means your guard is better protected from foul odors caused by bacteria. The last thing you should worry about is whether your night guard is clean or not.

Where can I buy CustMbite nightguards?

If you're looking for the best night guard for clenching, CustMbite offers FDA-cleared guards that promote improved dental health. Our mouthpieces are designed by some of the top dentistry experts in the industry, meaning you get a premium night guard for a fraction of the price of those available from a dentist. Don't let bruxism wear down your teeth. Take action by using a custom night guard. Give your mouth and jaw the break it needs. Your smile will thank you. If you're ready to experience what CustMbite can do for you, buy the best night guard for clenching now.

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I'm SO glad I found CustMBite!!! The most flexible guard I have tried yet! First one I've tried that doesn't feel bulky - so excited!!!


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CustMbite uses our patented Vistamaxx™ material for unmatched comfort. Whether you are using the CustMbite nightguard or the whitening trays, you can achieve a comfortable and secure fit in a few simple steps!