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Wake Up Refreshed and Rock Your Goals

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Getting a Good Night’s Sleep

You know that getting a good night’s sleep is important, but do you know why? There are a number of reasons including being able to think more clearly, having a better attitude towards your day, and even driving more safely. Another specific reason is because sleeping well gives you the ability to think critically and solve problems creatively. When you’re overtired, these types of mental activities may be hindered, or even downright impossible. But when you get a good night of sleep, you can set SMART, SMARTER, or SMARTEST goals, and then actually take the steps necessary to achieve them.

If you suffer from grinding your teeth during your sleep, it can be impossible to get solid sleep throughout the night. If you don’t have a mouthguard for TMJ or bruxism, you may wake up with pounding headaches, jaw pain, or severe tooth pain caused by grinding your teeth down to the nerve. If you’re looking for the best mouthguard for teeth grinding, you’ve found it. The CustMbite Nightguard is comfortable, yet strong enough to help you sleep well throughout the night and wake up ready to conquer your goals. Continue reading to learn how to set SMART, SMARTER, and SMARTEST goals as well as learn more about how the CustMbite Nightguard can help you sleep well through the night.


You may have heard of SMART goals and wondered what they are. SMART is an acronym to help you remember the following important attributes of the kinds of goals you can keep.

  • Specific – A specific goal uses action words to say exactly what you want to achieve and how you plan to achieve it.
  • Measurable – A measurable goal uses specific measurements to define how you will track your progress and state exactly what has to happen for you to know you’ve met your goal.
  • Achievable – Your goal must be within your control and it must be possible for you to accomplish it.
  • Relevant – Your goal must make sense to you and your individual set of circumstances. This includes your values and priorities.
  • Time-bound – Your goal and each step to reach it need to have a date by which it will be accomplished.

Just like being smarter is better than being smart, setting SMARTER goals is better than setting SMART goals. SMARTER goals are specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound, plus:

  • Energizing – Your goal should align with your life’s vision, mission and values. It should be something that you truly want for yourself so you will be passionate about it.
  • Rewarding – In the end, you should receive a benefit from reaching your goal, whether that’s financial, athletic, or some other type of benefit.

And what is better than SMARTER goals? The SMARTEST goals, of course, which are specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, time-bound, and energizing, plus:

  • Self-reinforcing – This type of goal includes a sense of pleasure as you engage in the particular activity that leads to the achievement of the goal. This could be a feeling of pride over a job well done, or a rush of endorphins from helping somebody else.
  • Transformative – A transformative goal offers you the opportunity to realize a meaningful and lasting change in your person or in the circumstances of your life.

When you set SMART, SMARTER, and SMARTEST goals, you elevate them to a whole new level. You increase your motivation as well as increase your chances of success in whatever way you define the term.

How does the CustMbite Nightguard help me get a good night of sleep?

The CustMbite Nightguard is made of our patented material, VistaMaxx, which was developed with dental professionals to create a sleep mouth guard that can stand up to the pressure of clenching and grinding teeth, whether from TMJ, bruxism, anxiety, or another reason. VistaMaxx is tough, so it doesn’t have to be as bulky as some other solutions. This means you can wear the guard all night long comfortably. You can reduce the discomfort of morning headaches and jaw discomfort when you use this FDA-cleared, easy-to-clean, BPA-free nighttime tooth guard.

Caring for your CustMbite Nightguard is easier than you would think. First, when you receive it, you can mold it to fit your teeth in just a few minutes with a microwave and a bowl of cold water. If you’re having dental work of some type done, there’s no need to buy and mold a new nightguard. You can remold your CustMbite Nightguard as many times as you need to without degrading its effectiveness.

Where can I get a CustMbite Nightguard?

If you’re looking for an effective and affordable mouthguard, you’ve found it. For less than half the price and far less hassle than other nightguards, you can have your own custom-molded sleep mouth guard within days. Order your CustMbite Nightguard today and get ready to sleep well so you can wake up and rock your goal making and goal keeping.

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Getting a good night's sleep makes it easier to take on the day with confidence.

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