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Whiter Teeth for Your Teen’s Self-Confidence

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Teens are concerned with their image, now more than ever in the days of Instagram and other social media that focuses on pictures or selfies that youth use to share their lives with one another. Imagine how devastating, then, it can be if your teen’s beautiful smile is compromised by some sort of discoloration. Your teen likely equates self-confidence and whiter teeth, whether they specifically say so or not, and this can affect their experience in school as well. It can be significant to their lives to provide them with a quality teeth whitening kit such as our CustMbite Smile Whitening Kit. Continue reading to see how the CustMbite Smile Whitening Kit can give your teen a brighter white smile.

How can I help my teen build self-confidence?

We’d love it if all teens believed the truth that they are good enough just exactly as they are. They truly are. But few people, especially hormonal, emotional teenagers, believe this truth. These are some ways you can help your teen build self-confidence.

  • Love your teen unconditionally. Let them know your love for them is not dependent on their grades, their sports performance, their choice of activities, or any other thing they do.
  • Praise their effort rather than the outcome. Let them know their effort is what really matters. It encourages them to put in practice when they want to get good at something, rather than just thinking they’re talented when they get a good result and not talented when they get a bad result.
  • Only praise your teen sincerely. They’ll sense it if you tell them they did a great job when they know they didn’t. Commiserate with them and help them come up with solutions for better performance in the future, but don’t lie to them. 
  • Encourage them to have compassion for others and for themselves. It can be beneficial to relate the compassion and kindness they show to their friends, to those who are less well off, and to people going through difficult situations to the compassion and kindness they should show themselves. Assure them that they deserve as much compassion and kindness as other people and show it to them in your actions and words.
  • Model self-confidence. Don’t put yourself down or say things like, “I’m so stupid,” when things go wrong. Instead, show your teen through your actions what it’s like to be confident in yourself.
  • Teach your teen to have good hygiene and look their best.
    Looks don’t mean a lot, but putting yourself together does a lot to boost confidence. Just help them learn to enhance their natural looks through dress, hair care, hygiene, and even teeth whitening. They’ll be happy when their Instagram photos look great!

How does the CustMbite Smile Whitening Kit work?

There’s no need for your teen to have anything less than a bright, youthfully white smile. That’s where the CustMbite Smile Whitening Kit comes in. The kit comes with tooth whitening gel and tooth whitening foam, along with two customizable trays. These trays are much less bulky than many others on the market, and can be customized to fit your teen’s teeth precisely. The process to mold them to their teeth couldn’t be simpler. All they need is a bowl of cold water, a microwave, and two to three minutes. Since many teens have dental work done, including braces, you can appreciate the fact that your son or daughter can remold their trays as easily as they mold them the first time. 

The teeth whitening gel can be kept on for 5-20 minutes, making it a convenient morning or bedtime routine for your teen. The gel has a 22 percent solution of carbamide peroxide, which is strong enough to whiten your child’s teeth in this short of an application time per day. If you have a teen who is really on the go, they might not even have this much time during their schedule to whiten their teeth, and that’s okay. The teeth whitening kit includes a foam, which has an 8 percent solution of carbamide peroxide, so it can be left on up to eight hours a day, including overnight. Both the gel and foam are strong enough to whiten your kid’s teeth while being gentle enough to provide effective teeth whitening for sensitive teeth. Either way, your teen can get the white smile they deserve.

How can I get a CustMbite Smile Whitening Kit for my teen?

Raising teens is not cheap. Events like prom can run into the thousands of dollars. You’ll be glad to know that your teeth whitening cost with the CustMbite Smile Whitening Kit is minimal, especially compared to solutions your dentist can offer in the office. Compare our cost of $30 for the full kit and $15 for refills to in-office cleaning that can end up being more than $1,000. Order a CustMbite Smile Whitening Kit today and your teen can start building great confidence in their whiter, brighter smile.

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