There are a number of reasons you might choose to wear a nightguard. Grinding and clenching teeth during sleep, often a result of bruxism or TMJ symptoms, is a common problem that can cause headaches, jaw discomfort, sleep disruption, and much more.

Nightguards can alleviate the stress your teeth endure by providing a cushion between your teeth. This not only prevents the discomfort associated with constant grinding and clenching, it also helps to protect your teeth's enamel over time. In addition, nightguards help preserve crowns and other expensive dental work from potential damage caused by bruxism and TMJ disordersA study done in 2017 found that wearing a nightguard also helps prevent recurrent aphthous stomatitis, more commonly known as canker sores. 

Although nightguards are an inexpensive and effective way to reduce these symptoms, it only works if you are actually wearing the nightguard. That's why CustMbite is dedicated to providing you with a comfortable, easy-to-use nightguard that you'll actually want to wear. 

CustMbite offers a 3-year money back guarantee. If you are not satisfied, return your nightguard to us for a full refund (less S&H).